How to pair PIC with the PIC App


  1. Download the PIC App on your phone.
    2. Follow the instruction through the PIC App.

The PIC App can't detect my PIC. 
What should I do?


If you can't find your PIC from the “Connect to PIC” screen, you can try the following steps:

- Make sure that your PIC is powered on and within 10 meters of your phone.


- Power OFF PIC App and Power ON Bluetooth on the phone.


- Check that PIC is not connected to another phone.


- Power OFF and ON PIC.


- Relaunch the PIC App and try pairing your PIC and phone again.

How to update PIC Firmware wirelessly with the PIC App


  1. Pair PIC and phone.
    2. Go to Menu >> Firmware.
    3. Update your PIC with the latest firmware version.
    (Your PIC must be charging during firmware updating.)

PIC is not working.


  1. Check that PIC is fully charged.
    2. PIC must be turned ON.

How to turn ON PIC / PIC is not Power ON.


  1. Push and hold the button 2 seconds to power ON.
    2. Charge PIC at least 30 minutes if no responding. (Check LED light is blinking.)
    3. Hold the button 10 seconds if LED light is not blinking.

Beeping sound is too low.


  1. It is the maximum sound we can have at this moment.
    2. Next generation PIC will have louder sounds.

How long does it take for full charging?


  1. It will take 110 minutes when PIC power is OFF.
    2. It will take 7 hours when PIC power is ON.
    3. Please, turn OFF PIC for faster charging.

PIC is not working after getting wet.


  1. PIC is satisfied with IPX6.
    2. Please, contact PIC Customer Support.

How to turn OFF PIC?


  1. Push and hold the button 2 seconds to power OFF.

How to change PIC’s name in PIC App


  1. Go to the PIC App, and Menu >> Edit

What kind of charger can I use for my PIC?


  1. You can use your smartphone charger.
    2. Charging adapter is over 5V & 1A.
    3. High-speed charger can be used, but PIC will be charged with normal speed.

PIC was not charged after spending hours and hours.


  1. Check on charging adapter that is over 5V & 1A.
    2. Use the charging adapter provided in PIC package.
    3. PIC LED light is blinking during charging.

If not, then let’s do hard reset.


To do it, just hold down the button 10 seconds.

  1. Charge PIC fully until LED light is ON.

It will charge much faster if you turn OFF PIC.

How to do hard reset (Re-booting)?


  1. Hold down the button 10 seconds.
    2. PIC LED light on bottom will be OFF and ON.

What are the requirements for downloading and installing the PIC App on my phone?


The PIC App runs on phones and tablets that meet the following requirements:


Android® 4.3 or above


Bluetooth® 4.0 (BLE) and Wi-Fi Direct®


iPhone® 4s and above *Under iPhone® 4 and iPad® 2 are not supported.*


iOS 9.2 or above


Bluetooth® 4.0 (BLE)

Why do we need to connect Wi‍-Fi every time we use PIC with iPhone?


Because iOS has a limitation on that matter.

How long does it take for charging PIC?


  1. When PIC Power is OFF, it takes 30 minutes for 50% charging, and 2 hours for full charging.
    2. It takes longer charging time when PIC Power is ON.

How do I change the battery?


Your PIC comes with a built-in and non-removable battery.

Can I connect my PIC to multiple phones at the same time?


No, you cannot connect your PIC to two phones at the same time. You must disconnect it from one phone before you can connect PIC to another device.

How much storage do I have on PIC?


PIC comes with a 16GB built-in memory.

*Actual PIC storage is 14.5 ~ 14.9GB.

PIC Date & Time on image and video is not correct.


Your PIC Date & Time needs to get synchronized with PIC App once.

Can we apply BitLocker, 
full disk encryption to PIC?


PIC does not support BitLocker, full disk encryption. PIC will stop working if you apply BitLocker. Please, do not apply BitLocker on the PIC.

PIC storage is still full after deleting files in my PC or Mac.


You must empty files in Recycle Bin or Trash Can.

What kind of file format does PIC support?


PIC only supports FAT32. Please, do not format with others than FAT32.

Does PIC support 5GHz Wi‍-Fi?


Yes, your PIC uses the 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi‍-Fi network standard that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless frequencies.

My PIC emits a continuous beeping sound.
What does this mean?


PIC beeps continuously when the battery needs charging, or memory is full.

If my phone is already connected to a Bluetooth device,
can I still connect it to my PIC?


Yes, most phones and tablets support concurrent access to multiple Bluetooth devices.

Why do I need to manually connect my PIC to my Wi‍-Fi network every time I use the PIC App for iOS?


It is a restriction of the iOS platform. It does not allow apps to switch the Wi‍-Fi automatically, so you need to manually connect PIC to your Wi‍-Fi network.

How do I know if I have framed my photo or video correctly?


Your PIC has a 135-degree wide angle camera lens. Simply point your PIC at your subject to capture it.

My PIC doesn't respond when I press the button.
How do I fix this?


  1. Try to press the button again and check if the LED light turns ON. If so, it's working properly.
    2. Charge PIC fully if LED light does not turn ON

Why do I get a lot of blank photos captured on PIC?


  1. You can avoid accidental presses of the button by adjusting how you store your PIC so that button won't be pressed against other objects.

Why is the Internet connection intermittent while my PIC is connected to my phone?


  1. PIC is connected to your phone or tablet through a Wi‍-Fi® connection. That is why the Internet connection may be interrupted on your device while PIC is connected to your phone.
    2. If you have mobile data enabled on your phone or tablet, your Internet connection will continue through the use of your mobile network.

Why doesn't the live viewfinder rotate when I turn my PIC sideways?


The live viewfinder is always in a landscape orientation. Photos captured in portrait orientation will automatically rotate after you download it to your phone or tablet.

How can I prevent an unauthorized device from connecting to my PIC?


Be sure to set a strong password, because a device can only connect to your PIC when the correct password is entered.

When pairing my PIC and phone,
how do I know which one is my PIC from the list of device?


  1. When the PIC App scans for available devices, it will list down the names and serial numbers of detected devices. Select the item from the list that matches the device name and SSID number of your PIC. Ex) PIC-XX : XX : XX
    2. You can change PIC name in PIC App once you pair your PIC and phone.

How do I disconnect between PIC and phone?


  1. Go to PIC App, and select Menu >> Disconnect PIC

Why is the live viewfinder on the PIC App sometimes choppy?


  1. The PIC App's live viewfinder uses RTSP streaming protocol, which highly depends on network and phone's capabilities.
    2. A crowded network environment, such as in an office or public area with many Wi‍-Fi hotspots, might interfere with the PIC App's connection, especially on 2.4GHz channel. You can try to reduce the interference by bringing your phone or tablet closer to your PIC.
    3. Our test results show a few phones have issues with RTSP playback. Please check with your phone or tablet manufacturer for support.

I cannot take a picture or video after power ON PIC.


  1. You cannot take a picture or video when you are in gallery mode.*Since PIC App Ver. 1.2.6, this limitation has been solved.
    2. Power OFF and ON PIC.
    3. If not working, hold the button 10 seconds for rebooting PIC.

I cannot take a picture or video after power ON PIC.
Only hearing loud noise.


Charge PIC at least 30 minutes. PIC does not have enough battery power.

I cannot take a video after PIC button twice.


  1. Push PIC button fast twice.
    2. Upgrade into latest Firmware. This has been improved with the latest firmware.

PIC makes “Be-li-lic” sounds when PIC turns ON,
and cannot take any picture and video.


  1. PIC’s memory is full. Please, transfer images and videos to other storages such as PC and smart phone.
    2. Check PIC whether PIC is coded by BitLocker with clicking right mouse button when you connect PIC with PC. Remove BitLocker on Windows PC.

PIC cannot be detected by PC.


PIC must be turned ON. PIC bottom LED light should be ON.